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Personal Training sessions can be held in the privacy of your own home, building’s fitness center, office fitness centers, or at one of our personal training studios in downtown Ann Arbor.  We offer this service to everyone in Ann Arbor including students. If you do not have equipment at your home, no worries! We will take care of that and bring the necessary equipment for your workout.


Students also benefit from a regular exercise program by keeping a schedule with their trainer and nutrition coach.  We see students everyday that lose weight, feel more alert, build confidence and stay overall healthier because of the work they put in the gym and also outside of the gym by using the tools they received form their trainers.


Employee wellness programs are essential to the long-term viability of all business’s bottom line.  When your employees exercise, they’re not the only ones who benefit. Research has also shown that programs such as mine offer a positive return-on-investment with decreased unscheduled absenteeism, reduced medical claim costs, decreased stress, and enhanced cognitive function.

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