Erin Cantrell

Owner & Personal Trainer

As a mother of two teenage boys and a baby girl – I know what it means to be busy with the activities that children are able to so easily bring into our lives such as hockey, crew, school and anything else their schedule begs of me. Pregnancy for me was also difficult in the weight gain arena, as I gained 70 pounds for all 3 babies for a total of 210 pounds!  I understand the struggles of weight loss first hand and also have the tools to be successful.

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To keep care of my health and the health of my family, I incorporate strength training, cardio and clean eating into our everyday lives. I believe in the 80/20 rule and stay on my maintenance clean diet 80% of the time, 20% of the time I enjoy ice cream, pizza or indulge in extra korean BBQ!  

I am not always able to find time to do a work out, which is true for a lot of people, but that just means that I have to make time. When I make the time to work out, I feel healthier, more alert, strong and ready to take on the day. The best gift that I can leave for my children and clients is the knowledge of being able to eat healthier and work out so they are able to live with the energy to take on their days and feel their best.

Meet the team

Kelli Littlejohn

Personal Trainer


I am ecstatic to be a part of Erin Cantrell’s Fitness family. I was a track athlete for over 12 years, competing at a collegiate level for both track and cheer. Due to being an athlete all my life and obtaining a B.A. in psychology, both have given me insight into how significant it is, not only to be physically fit but mentally fit as well. Being a Detroit native recently relocating to Ann Arbor, working with Erin has given me so much motivation in pursuing my goals. Becoming a NASM -Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist and a Positive Psychology health and wellness coach. I understand that we are all unique individuals and need personalized approaches to getting to our physical goals. I approach my training by building each of my clients’ individualized programs to make sure they know they are mentally capable of giving one more push in order to obtain one more gain.

Jared Ring

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

I have been slightly obsessed with nutrition and exercise since I was very young. Like a lot of young men it started off as a way to build confidence and look good for the ladies. After a few years I realized that there were so many more benefits to living a fit lifestyle that went beyond just cosmetics. I enjoyed pushing myself past what I thought I was capable of and reaping the benefits of my efforts. These days my focus for my clients is build sustainable strategies to enhance life through the avenue of health and fitness. I see that your fitness is inherently tied to your energy. Even if you are not passionate about working out it is a way for everyone to maximize their vitality so they can be the most effective at whatever they are truly passionate about. My goal is to make the process of fitness and nutrition as simple, effective and enjoyable as possible.

Kelvin Onwuemene

Personal Trainer

I graduated with a degree in Kinesiology and Chemistry, while also a former cheerleader at Cleveland State University. I’m actively pursuing studying physical therapy degree from PSI Toledo. Growing up on the heavier side, it was always my desire to understand my own body, being familiar with different stimuli and mechanisms that could alter body composition and make and me a better version of myself. After several NPC mens’ physique national shows and with my knowledge of physical therapy, I believe that I am in a good place to help others “live their best life.”

Our Core Principles


We will hold you accountable for your health and fitness through measurements & goal setting.


Not only do you get effective workouts, but fun is always an extra bonus with us.


Together we will set goals, milestones, a schedule, and lifestyle changes that fit your busy life.


Next-level motivation & education from trainers, classes, and online groups.

Every journey begins with a single step.

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