#TransformationTuesday w/ Thom

This week for our Transformation Tuesday, we want to give a shout out to Thom.

Thom worked very hard with us and made some incredible transformations!

We asked him a few questions about how he feels after his transformation.. check it out.

1) How has your life improved since you started training?
My overall energy level is up. Even at the end of the day, I have more energy to devote to my family life.

2) What is something that you enjoy now that you weren’t able to before you started training?
I played softball this year for the first time in 25+ years!

3) What is your favorite exercise?
Decline dumbbell presses, of course!

4) What is your favorite memory from training at ECF?
The first time, I was asked to do push-ups I think I did sets of 7, then 3 and finally one.
That I am able to do 3-15 sets of weighted push-ups after 8 months is nothing short of a miracle.


Great Job, Thom!!

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