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My name is Erin Cantrell.

I’m here to motivate and support you in
your journey to a stronger, healthier lifestyle.

As a mother of two boys – Ronnie, 14 and Nicky, 9 – I know what it means to be busy with the activities that children are able to so easily bring into our lives such as hockey, crew, school and anything else their schedule begs of me. To keep care of my health and the health of my family, I incorporate exercise and clean eating into our everyday lives.

I am not always able to find time to do a work out, which is true for a lot of people, but that just means that I have to make time. When I make the time to work out, I feel healthier, more alert, strong and ready to take on the day. The best gift that I can leave for my children and clients is the knowledge of being able to eat healthier and work out so they are able to live with the energy to take on their days and feel their best.


Meet The Team


BlaiseMeet Blaise! – I am currently a student at the University of Michigan and a former University of Michigan Football player. I have been involved with sports practically my whole life and fitness for many years now. With those sports came many hours of experience with strength coaches. I’ve had the great opportunity to learn from great strength coaches through a variety of sports. After I stopped playing football, I spent a lot of time learning even more about fitness and nutrition to reach my own goals. Eventually, I realized that I could use these things to help other people advance towards their goals. Now that I am a certified fitness trainer, I am very excited to put my knowledge and experience together to help other people achieve their fitness goals.

NickMeet Nick! – I am thrilled to be working with Erin Cantrell Fitness after being one of Erin’s clients since moving to Michigan in 2011. She inspired me to continue my own fitness journey, becoming a Certified Personal Trainer myself. As a part-time trainer and a full-time Public Health professional and Registered Nurse, I understand the importance of nutrition, exercise, and a healthy work-life balance to achieving your fitness goals. I believe in combining different types of training and incorporating my clients’ interests into an individualized program. I especially enjoy working with clients who are just starting their fitness journeys, and I look forward to working with all types of people to help improve their strength, fitness, and self-esteem.”

CallieMeet Callie! – An enthusiastic trainer who’s experience has been shaped by a lifetime of enjoying a wide array of outdoor activities, and 20 years of figure skating.  Currently she is completing her final year in the University of Michigan’s department of Kinesiology. In the pursuit of her Athletic Training degree, Callie discovered her love for working with athletes to help prevent, treat, and rehabilitate their sports related injuries.  This knowledge, along with 10 years as an ice skating coach, has been instrumental in allowing Callie to create fun, lively, programs that reflect the goals and interests of those she works with.  She hopes her zest for fitness will help provide the motivation needed for others on their fitness journey.

BroganMeet Brogan! – As a former student-athlete (softball at Central Michigan University 2008-2013), I’ve always had a physical practice. But after years of team sports, heavy lifting + conditioning, it was time to change my pace. In 2016, I was trained in alignment-based yoga at Citizen Yoga. The idea is that we align physically, to align mentally, emotionally + energetically. My objective is to hold space for students to explore their own practice in a safe + supportive environment. We play the edge between comfort + discomfort; strength + flexibility; steadiness + ease – the place where growth happens. We find balance on the mat + carry it out into our worlds. Modifications + variations are offered to make this a class for all levels of experience. Meet yourself where you are + meet me on your mat!

JaredMeet Jared! – Exercise has always and will always be my passion. From a very young age I have always been inspired by people like Bill Phillips  who used his love for fitness and health to change thousands of peoples lives. Being physically active and having proper nutrition does more than just make you look great, it also builds confidence, and self belief. Pushing yourself to progress every workout makes you feel amazing and will positively effect every aspect of your life. I believe that through this progressive style of training I can make working out fun and rewarding for my clients so that going to the gym becomes the highlight of their day.

The Beginning

While I was pregnant with Ronnie I gained 70 pounds and weighed 210 pounds. Due to the excessive weight I felt tired all of the time and lost a bit of self confidence. That is when I made the decision to hit the gym and stay consistent with my work outs. I used weights 3 to 4 times a week along with 30 to 60 minutes of cardio and watched the calories that I consumed along the way. I was able to lose several pounds a week within the first month of doing this and then a pound or two every week thereafter. It can be done for anyone who is struggling with weight issues.

My Mission

Throughout the past ten years, I have worked with various men and women to help them reach their fitness goals. Everything from endurance training, weight loss, building muscle and sport specific training. Accountability and consistency is key to staying on task and reaching your goals. I believe that anyone and everyone is able to not only lose weight, but feel and look their best overall. Being healthy and fit are important aspects of everyday life. I take my career & mission seriously and enjoy changing people’s lives for the better by helping them feel successful when it comes to their fitness journey.  


Next-level motivation & education from trainers, classes, and online groups.


I will hold you accountable for your health and fitness through measurements & goal setting.


Together we will set goals, milestones, a schedule, and lifestyle changes that fit your busy life.


Not only do you get effective workouts, but fun is always an extra bonus with me.

My Experience

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There’s no giant step that does it.
It’s the little steps that get you to the endzone.

— Unknown

Every journey begins with a single step.

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